Company Overview

GCC designs and manufactures innovative cosmetic packaging. Everything we produce has gone through a rigorous planning and development path and is set to offer a solution to a specific market need. We offer a vast array of standard products that can be rendered totally unique through our advanced decoration capabilities and the creative know-how of our consultant designers. We also offer the ability to define custom projects that can go even further with regard to creating an unparalleled and singular brand experience.

We only produce items we believe will offer consumers the best experience possible

Grace Chiu

Managing Director
  • Operations

    Take a look at our basic process for creating a piece of packaging, from first contact through to delivery.

  • Vision

    We have a clear path of engagement and we try to infuse everything we do with our particular vision.

  • History

    Where you've been is a great indicator of where you're going. Take a look at our company history!

  • Technology

    Our technological prowess allows us to take standard items and transform them into unique concepts.



Our machines are suited to 24-hour production to ensure maximum productivity.


If you're looking for a dependable partner to create your packaging, look no further!


We strive to produce items that meet our rigorous quality control checks.


Take a look all the latest things going on at GCC!


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