The company is founded


GCC officially established, major deals are signed with top, international beauty magazines for cover art.


Business expands to China


Cooperation begins with sourcing agents in China, further bridging the gap between different cultures and markets.

Business expands to China.jpg

Our first exhibition


GCC attends its first exhibition in Paris - Cosmeeting proves to be a wild success.


Our first branch office


GCC opens its first branch office in Quangdong, China dedicated to sourcing packaging for clients and presenting GCC as a trend-setting innovative partner.

first branch office.jpg

We create twist pens


For the first time, GCC goes to an international meeting between Asia and Europe, exhibiting at Beauty Eurasia in Istanbul, Turkey.


We begin to build twist pens at a facility in Shanghai, China and take luxury items to Cosmoprof, Bologna.

Packaging design reigns supreme


GCC begins to become a more technical and creative firm, as we begin to focus on packaging design as well as manufacturing.


Bespoke design asserts its dominance


Upon further growth, GCC inaugurates a bespoke packaging division and incorporates new tooling facilities both in China and in Taiwan.


We move online


GCC begins a push toward online marketing by joining Webpackaging in order to garner exposure and publicity.


We also incorporate new and outstanding decoration techniques that traditionally appeal to industries other than just those within the beauty sector, in order to bring those ideas back to beauty and create genuinely innovative concepts

We also begin to offer a new 3D rendering service

We redefine our marketing


GCC sets up a fundamental goal in business to incorporate a new mission: "Together we make a beautiful world".


We also acquire a new office in Taiwan and move to the new venue permanently.

We launch a new site


GCC develops a new visual style and website with the Webpac Digital Media Group.


We also found a new company called the GCC Packaging Group in Taiwan, Asia to distinguish our full service business from our standard packaging business.

GCC also joins Beauty Packaging, USA to receive interviews and bolster online content efforts.