10 Iconic Eyeliners for Make-up Professionals

For consumers that wear make-up every day, eyeliner is the trickiest and most critical part to complete a daily look. GCC Packaging has released 10 different eyeliners to apply distinctive make-up styles. The new eyeliners are solutions available so that users can have artistic and professional eye makeup at home.

Displayed in the image from left to right be the 10 different eyeliners with distinctive shape each serves particular function to create make-up looks.

  • Standard brush tip

The brush tip is great for creating a thin and wispy line, it can also be used to draw a thicker line if you press down the tip a bit harder. The thickness can be adjusted in accordance with how much strength you’ve used.

  • Paddle felt tip

The beveled applicator features a stiff line for drawing curves and accuracy edge for dramatic eyeliner design.

  • Standard felt tip

Unlike the brush tip requires more practice to get familiar with, standard felt-tip offers a stunning precision to benefit makeup beginner.

  • Slim felt tip

For a natural make-up, this kind of slim felt-tip is the best choice for brands to add on their product shelf.

  • Pestle felt tip

The special shape of this pestle tip helps to draw a thin or thick line with ease, creating a versatile eyes makeup.

  • Spiral felt tip

This unique applicator looks like an integration of drop and sphere shape, the tip is designed from thin to thick which makes this spiral felt-tip more flexible to draw on your eyes.

  • Sphere felt tip

The rounded design on the tip allows for precise application, good for defining and dotting a line on your eyes lids.

  • Winged felt tip

The slender design of this applicator enables users to draw a slight line by tapping the tip of eyeliner between lashes to fill in lash line.

  • Slim felt-tip marker & Double felt-tip marker with stamp

The combination of eyeliner and stamp is an incredible idea that the triangular stamp is designed to stamp on the end of your eye to save time for creating an eye makeup.