Airless Pump Tube

As a premium packaging supplier, GCC PKG has been dedicated in providing versatile products to meet market demands. With efforts to develop a number of tube lines, GCC’s pump tube jumps outside of standard tube products to acquire more attentions.

The combination of pump and tube along with airless solution gives users better experiences and higher functionality that ensure the tube won’t deform when the products run out. Meanwhile the portable and cost-saving features of tubes itself are the key elements. The width of Ø30mm can hold capacity from 30ml to 70ml in a variety of lengths and the aluminum shell adding on the dispensing system strengths packaging value.

Packaging Reference: GCTPT014

  • Size: Ø30mm
  • Capacity: 30ml~70ml
  • Material:
    • Tube: PE
    • Pump: inner: PP/outer: Aluminum