Airtight Foundation Stick Packaging

Cosmetic airtight stick packaging offers a perfect sealing benefit that keeps solid formula fresh until the last usage. The stick format allows users to refine complexion by swiping it on with ease either during daily commuting or rushing out on trips.

There two options of new airtight stick packaging offered by GCC, single (GCNPF058) and dual (GCNPF058-2). Both options are diameter Ø21.2mm to hold product with chemical compatible inner cup. The size is appropriate for many cosmetic products, including: foundation, illuminator, bronzer and blush sticks.

The difference between these two options is that the dual has 2 ends, one for product, and the other for applicator. It can be either sponge or brush to create an ideal product.

Single Airtight Stick Packaging: GCNPF058

  • Dimension: D31.1*H103.5mm
  • Inner cup: 21.2mm

Dual Airtight Stick Packaging: GCNPF058-2

  • Dimension: D31.1*H134.6mm
  • Inner cup: 21.2mm
  • Applicator option: sponge or brush

In order to make sure GCC’s packaging development is in line with consumer behavior, the team checks on social media for consumer reviews from time to time, and has noticed a noteworthy review made by influenster that claims “conversations around the foundation stick category grow 6.5x” comparing 2016 to 2017. GCC Packaging decides to follow this trend on 2018 and introduce more about stick packaging.