Cosmetic Packaging with Flip-Top Cap

Cosmetic packaging with flip-top cap is easy for users to use that puts two different products in one. It is thus far the best solution for cosmetic consumers. Following this trend, GCC Packaging has added a tube and a bottle to its flip-top cap collection that are practical and functional.

Tube with Flip-Top Cap: GCTAT010

Cylindrical Ø30 tube with a flip-top cap design is ideal for containing both solid and liquid formulations in one packaging. The packaging can hold different types of products: gel, fluid cream, powder, and beyond. The material of tube can be either LDPE or HDPE according to a product requirement to make sure different solutions are available for delicate formulas.


  • Size: Width: Ø30/ Length: 75-120mm
  • Capacity: 30-60ml
  • Material: Cap: PP/Tube: LDPE/MDPE/HDPE

Bottle with Flip-Top Cap: GCNPF055

It is a 2-in-1 container of a kind that includes bottle, a spatula, and a flip-top cap. The packaging holds cream or pressed powder on the top reservoir, and emulsified liquid product in the bottle. Featuring a specially designed, arc-shaped spatula, it allows user to scoop out product in fixed and appropriate dosage every single time.


  • Material: Cap: AS+ABS; Bottle: PETG
  • Size: 32.8*114.2mm
  • Capacity: 39ml

According to GCC’s design team, there are endless possibility to combine several make-up products, here are a few popular combination:

  • Lip color + lip gloss
  • Blush + foundation
  • Blush + highlighter
  • Face Concealer + Foundation Cream
  • Face Primer, Highlighter