Cosmetic vial & make-up pen in one packaging Design

A cosmetic bottle and a make-up pen are now being assembled and created as a 2-in-1 cosmetic product by GCC Packaging.

On one end of the new packaging, the cosmetic bottle has an elegantly designed, slim-shaped vial paired with a micro wand for even the most insignificant spot or hair. The micro wand is a perfect make-up solution for a clean and well-defined look for lashes or brows.

On the other end, it is the airtight make-up pen that has several different shapes to satisfy various cosmetic requirements. The airtight make-up pen keeps product under good protection and increases shelf life.

This cosmetic vial & pen package is ideal for eyeliner or brow pencil plus lash or brow lengthening gel.

  • Item: GCUE028
  • Material: Cap & Barrel: ABS / Bottle: PETG
  • Dimension: 10*135.5mm
  • Feature: Airtight