Cushion and conceal with GCC's newest automatic pens

Grace Cosmetics has always been a pioneer in automatic pens and the newly released cushion and conceal line is another vanguard innovation from the Taiwanese packaging company.

The new pen creation has been fitted out with a cushion sponge which is flexible - and yet gentle - enough to contour the delicate area around the eyes. GCC has developed the concept further with a larger cushion especially for liquid foundation and a smaller applicator for concealer or lip products.

Two applicator sizes can be applied to various automatic pens whereby GCC offers either twist or click functionality.

The capacity of the cushion and conceal automatic pens is from 2ml up to 6ml.


GCJL004 is a plastic twist pen enclosed in an aluminum shell, giving the pen an elegant look.
Materials: PP and aluminum
Capacity: 2ml

GCJL006 is an injection moulded twist pen which features a window on the barrel. It can also have an aluminum shell.
Capacity: 2ml

GCJL011 is a PP click function pen. It is also available with an aluminum shell.
Capacity: 2ml

GCJL097 is a click function PP pen benefitting a window on the barrel. It is also offered with an aluminum shell.

GCJL013 is a click function pen comprised of PC .
Capacity: 6ml

Contact Grace Cosmetics to find out more about available options for the easy-to-use cushion and conceal sponge applicator automatic pen range.