Diversified Cosmetic Packaging Tube Applications

Offering convenience, portability and flexibility to hold and dispense a wide variety of products, packaging tubes are one of the most popular packaging formats in the cosmetic, personal care and beauty segment. With the growing numbers of the tube products in the market, versatile applicators add extra benefits to flexible and squeezable package type.

The recently launched GCC Packaging Tube: GCTPT002, comes with 3 different applicator options. The closure has an on-off valve to avoid product leakage. The tube material can be made with either HDPE, MDPE or LDPE according to product requirement to protect sensitive formula and ingredients. The tube capacity is variable ranging from 30ml to 70ml.

Tube with Silicone Spatula

The silicone spatula is slanted shaped that allows user to apply facial products effortlessly. Either foundation cream or lotion with high viscosity could be dispensed evenly. It has six apertures for product dispensing, and can be removed for hygienic cleaning to prevent bacteria contamination.

Tube with NBR Sponge

The entire packaging can be used as a cosmetic tool itself with the NBR sponge attached as a foundation makeup applicator. The packaging is compatible with formula of high viscosity with the aperture in the middle to control proper dosage. The NBR sponge is removable for cleansing, or replaceable for a new one.

Tube with Flocking Tip

The applicator is made of PE inside and nylon outside that forms a fluffy cushion tip. It is an ideal packaging solution for sensitive skin with ultra-fine user experience. The packaging is ease of use and compatible with fluid foundation or blush. The flocking tip is replaceable and washable for personal hygiene.