Double-ended, airless cosmetic pen with retractable brush

GCC Packaging introduces a new 2-in-1 eye shadow & eyeliner make-up pen that is a smart design for prestige beauty brands and make-up users.

The double-ended, airless cosmetic pen has one end with a retractable brush that is adjustable to apply eye shadow pre-filled in the cap., the other end for eyeliner.

Its airtight component is a further assurance to keep product formulation under best protection. There are 3 different barrel aperture options available for eyeliner compartment, it can either be triangular, circular, or rectangular shape.

  • Item: GCUE027
  • Material: Body: ABS/ Cap: PETG
  • Dimension: 7.95*161mm
  • Key Feature: Airtight

GCC's Duo Eye Make-Up Pen