Flocking decoration for GCC's beauty and cosmetic packaging

Known as an innovative packaging provider, GCC, based in Taiwan, has once again brought a typical decoration technique to its packaging which until now has not been decorated in such a way - opening a new chapter in flocking decoration for cosmetic packaging.

Flocking decoration is a vast application that can be seen decorating a range of packaging products. Modern adhesives have improved tremendously, improving the quality of flocking decoration and increasing its popularity as a decoration option. In packaging decoration, flocking is a relatively simple process that applies fibre to a pre-processed packaging surface, however, a skilful artisan with specialist knowledge is essential to achieve a precise and desirable result.

GCC's 2015 artistic presentation includes conventional flocking decoration and combines it with typical ancient Chinese symbolic characters as well as bold yet delicate floral patterns. The absolute precision of the flocking pattern reveals GCC's unconditional understanding of the decoration technique. The challenge of the project for GCC is not only the precision and design, but also to apply the flocking design over a metallized plastic object.

The benefits of using this latest flocking decoration from GCC are:

  • Branding - to create a brand's customizable pattern with the precise flocking decoration
  • Luxury - a chic look to target the luxury market by combining the metallized decoration with flocking