GCC develops a new one-click lipstick packaging - Kiss Soul

GCC Packaging Group is always the inventor and one of the pioneers in the cosmetic packaging world. The company's latest one-click make-up lip concept, Kiss Soul, is one which will immediately captivate consumers while offering many benefits to make-up companies.

Lipstick to a woman is like a dress in a woman's wardrobe, the desire to add one more lipstick is always there. A new packaging lipstick concept will be a key attention grabber among the competitive make-up counters, and GCC's Kiss Soul is just that. Standing out from the traditional bullet lipstick, GCC has created a button click lipstick with multiple benefits.

Benefits of GCC's Kiss Soul lipstick

  • One simple click and easy to use
  • One click for minimal usage
  • Minimal release allows better protection of lipstick formula
  • Multiple cosmetic filling options in addition to lipstick
  • Kiss Soul product ref: GCJL355

New tooling is already in process. Stay tuned to GCC packaging Group's news releases for further updates.