GCC introduces hydrographic printed decoration to cosmetic packaging

Hydrographic printing, also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a decoration technique that has been vastly adopted for applying printed designs to 3D surfaces. The benefit companies can get from this skilful decoration technique is a truly dimensional visual sensation.

Grace Cosmetic Co., as one of the core cosmetic packaging suppliers in Asia presents its latest packaging collections with hydrographic printed decoration in order to satisfy the majority needs of cosmetic brand designs.

Everything starts from scratch. GCC offers not only the packaging but includes concept planning and drawing of the pattern. With years of experience offering services to beauty and cosmetic companies, GCC is capable of ruling out all possibilities and has sufficient cosmetic knowledge to understand the specific requirements for certain branding and market levels.

Different to the many other cosmetic packaging decorating applications which are usually only good enough for flat surfaces, the hydrographic printing technique overcomes the dimensional issue which designers encounter regularly in any packaging that is round, curved or cubical style in shape. It makes the jobs of manufacturing technical engineers easier whilst decorating packaging in a way that lowers the production loss rate by offering a one-time decoration process.

Ms. Grace Chiu, the founder of GCC says:

"We encourage the designers in the company to inspire customers with the knowledge that we collect from mass market. At GCC we believe in working smarter rather than harder as we should always select a better more competent way to complete a job. Having the hydrographic printing facility ready for the market is one good example of this."