GCC introduces Lipstick Stylo, the slim-line lipstick

The handiest cosmetic packaging for lip make-up products usually comes in bottle containers or stick-shaped components. As one of the major cosmetic products to moisturize and colour, lipstick is an absolute daily necessity for many make-up users.

GCC's role as a leading beauty and cosmetic packaging supplier is to present the trendiest and most functional design with well-made quality. Based in Taiwan, GCC conceives numerous ideas and turns the best of them into reality. Recently, GCC has introduced slim-line lipstick packaging as the Stylo project and it has already been attracting attention from across the cosmetic industry.

GCC's Lipstick Stylo slim lipstick has been designed for housing rich ingredients as well as long-lasting formulations. In order to support these products' soft, moisture formulae quality, the Lipstick Stylo is usually required to be airtight with a smooth swirl ready for use.

There are optional applications available for companies to use, either with conventional lipstick bullet, pen style, or a fluid lipstick. Grace Cosmetics Co. offers various designs based on its Lipstick Stylo slim-line lipstick style with a selection of decoration options available.