GCC makes an artistic splash with gel lacquering for cosmetic packaging

As one of the major cosmetic packaging providers, GCC continues to blossom in the art decoration, making its cosmetic packaging designs stand out from from standard decorations seen on the shelf. With an overwhelming positive customer response received for cosmetic packaging finished with gel lacquering where GCC has redefined individuality, the company has created a new artistic splash with gel lacquering designs.

Grace Cosmetic Co.'s gel lacquered top decoration is one of the most sophisticated artwork types that has been widely adopted for colour cosmetic packaging. Due to its singularly individual characteristic that offers a unique and sensational consumer offering, gel lacquering decoration gets more positive results than more ordinary packaging decoration comprising of consistent prints.

The gel lacquered solitary black splash ink on a white background is one of GCC's newest style offerings for 2015. It combines both boldness and elegance together creating a momentum that overwhelms. It is pretty, durable and boasts a style that will never date.

The application can be applied to the top of a face palette, eye shadow, a blush compact, lipstick, lip gloss, and many other cosmetic packaging types. Whether round or square, large or small, the gel lacquered top is an optimized, tailor-made decoration which can be applied to any cosmetic packaging with a flat top.