GCC offers the fine art craft of laser engraving for packaging decoration

Laser engraving has been widely applied for various industrial platforms on a range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone and plastic. GCC, a leading beauty and cosmetic packaging supplier based in Taiwan, has adopted this technology for branding in order to bring vivid designs to life on products.

Targeting premium packaging users, laser engraving decoration offers the highest precision and great advantages in filigree cutting as even smallest details can be produced economically. The flame polished cutting edge result produced during the process is always an impressive effect that can only be reproduced through this treatment.

GCC has introduced its "Universe" design through the combination of advanced laser engraving decoration with conventional printing - either silk screen or hot stamping - achieving myriad of decoration possibility. The Universe design not only multiplies the value behind prints, it also presents a luxurious, out-of-the-ordinary touch.

Applying laser engraving decoration alone to plastic cosmetic packaging products is a precise work, one which is a prime, select choice.