GCC Packaging's Flamenco Collection

Olé! The intensity of expression and passion on dancer’s face surprises all the audiences. The poetic dancer dances with her soul. Flamenco set from recent GCC’s packaging portfolio is mused by the intensive feeling from these Gypsy dancers. These contrasted black and red packaging set contains 3 compacts and one mascara, which will be displayed during HK cosmoprof next month. The decoration on top is incorporated with copper etching technique. The petite metal decorated piece highlights the full-bodied injected colors.

Mascara--- with Irregular Curve Cap

In the collection of Flamenco, mascara is built with an elastomer and velcro brush for fullness and definition in a flake-, clump-, and smudge-free blend. With a range of over 30 different brushes is available. Unique brush design grips each lash to add volume and length, so even the tiniest, finest lashes are transformed.

The lashes are loaded with the volume on contact while achieving maximum separation, suppleness, and comfort. Unleash stunning length and gorgeously wonderful volume. This intense mascara is the one you’ve been waiting for.


To find a kiss of yours
what would I give
A kiss that strayed from your lips
dead to love

My lips taste
the dirt of shadows

To gaze at your dark eyes
what would I give
Dawns of rainbow garnet  
fanning open before God

-- Federico García Lorca, 1898 - 1936 “To find a kiss of yours”