GCC presents a new look for lip gloss packaging

Lip gloss is one of the most purchased cosmetic products, highly popular in its giving a sheer gloss coating to make lips shine out. Lip gloss products are usually available in wide range of tinted shades very often housed in a transparent container with the applicator attached onto the cap. GCC has recently released a new lip gloss packaging which changes the product's standard appearance through the addition of a metallic cap and decorated with a colour gradient over the bottle.

As an Asian cosmetic packaging supplier that supplies to cosmetic buyers internationally, Grace Cosmetics Co. is well known for its continuous offering of packaging innovations, resulting from its careful project planning and professional, skilled team. The company's frequent cosmetic packaging creations satisfy many cosmetic companies.

To add value to the lip gloss products, GCC has adopted the brushed metallic cap in different colours accompanied by the body over-sprayed gradient coloured container. Consumers benefit as they can still see the lip gloss shade in the lower part of the bottle as the over-spray decoration is coloured at a gradient.

According to GCC's chief designer, Ms. Brenda Hsu;

"Customers want to see how we can make the lip gloss products entirely different, it turns out it's not difficult at all to make a change. It takes very little effort to bring an ordinary product up to a premium level, and both of us are very happy with the result."