GCC presents cardboard palettes made for colour cosmetic products

Based in Taiwan, GCC runs its business network through a local support network that deals with global enquiries of various needs across the beauty and cosmetic industry. The company's design and marketing teams are known for achieving project specific results and Grace Cosmetics Co. has helped many brands launch precise solutions for the beauty and cosmetic market sectors.

Taking its turn on GCC's fashion runway is the cardboard palette made for colour cosmetic products. Simply comprised of paper and glue, the palette is particularly sturdy providing a functional outer for various products that protects them, offers an environmentally friendly packaging option and one which can be fully decorated.

GCC's cardboard palettes are built up with several layers of laminated paper layers according to the needs of the packaging. The layout of the recess within the palette is open and the the printing area extends inside and out with the ready canvas of cardboard.

Printing with a matte or shine finish, or hot stamping are standard printing processes for the cardboard palettes. Further decorative effects can be achieved through attaching sheathing fabrics, metallic flakes, sequins, etc.

Grace Cosmetics Co.'s cardboard palette for colour cosmetic products offers reliable packaging protection with an enhanced aesthetic value and means of promotion through its augmented area for printing and enrichment.