GCC presents multi-function packaging design for eyes and brows

The color makeup business always outpaces that of skin care. Packaging tends to change swiftly and massively. Versatility and practicality for packaging are key elements these days if you like your products to outshine those of your competitors.

Multi-function packaging adds value and boosts sales phenomenally. Consumers usually get two products for the price of one. Based on this buying hook, GCC has the following selections for brows and for eyes - especially as products for the brows are hitting record sales these days.

For brows:

A combination of pen and vial makes it even easier than ever for brows to be made up. There's a pencil to draw the shape of your brow and a brush on the other side to comb your brow evenly for a natural make-up look. What's more, at GCC we have also extended this concept to a 3-in-1 pack which incorporates a sponge in the middle of the pen, making the barrel into a container for brow powder.

For eyes:

Our dual liquid eyeliners are available with different applicators to achieve the various effects that customers look for.

For lip product:

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