GCC reintroduces "the artistic form of cosmetic packaging"

Every year, the entire crew at Grace Cosmetics does market research and trend analysis work, then presents collections of packaging designs based on specific themes throughout the year. In 2015, Grace Cosmetics has absorbed the traditional Chinese artistic design of the Tang Dynasty and combined it with artistry techniques from Japan to create hand-made crafts that echo its 2015 topic, "the artistic form of cosmetic packaging". It dismisses industrial mass-production and brings back the old tradition of hand-made individualistic detailing.

Lacquering paint

GCC's lacquering paint decoration idea has been derived from the basic elements of the ocean. It combines the charismatic iridescent mother of pearl with natural coloured tints that glean in the light. The designer uses the aluminium plate as a base and paints it with more than 20 procedures of raw lacquer in various colours from natural ingredients. Each lacquering takes at least 24 hours to dry, differing with change to room temperature and humidity.

Once a certain thickness of lacquering is reached, the designer carves the desired patterns & colours out of the prepared lacquered base resulting in an unexpected carved, patterned visual effect. The end look is only revealed when the final carving and polishing has been completed and so it can't ever be completely planned.

Metal cut window decoration

GCC's metal cut window decoration mimics the Chinese paper cuts, also known as "window flower". To achieve the metal window decoration the designer has to first make at least a hundred hollow marks and metal cuts through detailed hand hammering and sawing work which can't be done with any machinery nor by an industrial production process.

Next, the prepared red copper plate with its hollow cutting is dipped into a boiling hot bowl with fresh white radish, pickles and other special ingredients. These raw material make the colouring process according to traditional Japanese patination: Rokusho. After at least 8 hours of the Rokusho process, the red copper hollow plate is transformed into a glistening metallic artwork with a crystalline surface.  

Grace Cosmetics will be exhibiting these outstanding pieces of craftsmanship at Cosmoprof Bologna 2015 in the Taiwanese pavilion #29A, at stand A25.

The art of making is one of the principal ideas brought to the market by GCC in 2015 and one of the radical concepts that it will be sharing with the packaging industry at Cosmoprof Bologna. In addition to its artisan expertise, Grace Cosmetics will be showcasing a plethora of its finely tuned packaging beautification techniques and options from cosmetic compacts with tortoise shell decoration to gel lacquering across an entire make-up range or brushed metallic caps to fabulous feeling compacts decorated with shaggy fur or decorative foil transfers right on the fashion trends.