GCC's advanced digital printing for tactile sensation decoration on cosmetic packaging

Grace Cosmetics Co. makes digital printing a more desirable decoration option with its advanced digital printing technique. Through mechanical calculations and by predetermining the visual effect, GCC can print not only vivid colour onto its cosmetic packaging, but also a 3D surface - exciting the eyes and tantalizing the fingers.

The solidity of the dimensional decoration provides a fascinating result that turns any average and plane of cosmetic packaging into an art piece. It is a great marketing presentation for any companies seeking a successful branding solution that stands out from the ordinary.

GCC's entire advanced digital printing process is completed inline, maintaining productivity while creating high-impact results.

Advantages of GCC's printed tactile sensation decoration on cosmetic packaging:

  • Tactile sensation achieved with no complex conventional coating process.
  • From design to product - easiest access to dimensional visual effect.
  • Short time process to complete a project.
  • Customizable.