GCC's application of heat foil transfer decoration

Heat foil transfer decoration is a well-known form of product decoration that combines heat and pressure to apply pre-printed graphics permanently to a designated area. Cylindrical containers or packaging components, such as bottles, jars, pens and sticks are perfect objects for heat foil transfer decorating application.

The viability of this skilful technique is also a perfect decoration option for decorating many cosmetic products including GCC’s recently released cosmetic pen collection.

With fresh ideas, well-developed techniques and high efficiency, GCC stands apart in the cosmetic packaging industry. The company's primary field of business is decorative cosmetic packaging in plastic and Grace Cosmetics Co.'s highly skilled creative team are always finding new ways to use well known decorating techniques to create new visual effects.

In order to captivate the eye with popular tastes and current trends, GCC's design team has launched several selections of patterns and colours:

  • Abstract graphic
  • Natural wood print
  • Classy check board print
  • Enduring pop of dotted print
  • Metallic sheer of gold, silver & gunmetal glow
  • Safari inspiration of leopard, giraffe & zebra wild wonder

In addition, GCC can also offer custom branded graphic design as well - taking a mere concept into a fully planned project that can then be worked on, through to a complete product thanks to its strong production network.

With its team of experienced professionals spread out over Taiwan and China, GCC is a pioneer amongst many colour cosmetic packaging providers that serves Asian, European and American cosmetic companies.

Product ref Product type Description
GCUE006-L Brow pencil duo With twist eyebrow pen on one end, and an applicator on the other