GCC's clutch bags: Stylish protection for colour cosmetics

The basic criteria for any packaging, premium or not, is the safe protection of the product contained within. Grace Cosmetics is well known in the cosmetic packaging industry for its creativity in developing novel cosmetic products as well as offering packaging innovations and has recently launched a new line of fabulous clutch bags as cosmetic palette packaging.

The designers at GCC present two very different looks for the colour cosmetic clutch bag: Wildstyle and Bohemian.

GCC's Wildstyle clutch bag uses synthetic fur to decorate the outside of the clutch and there are several different synthetic furs available from a soft furry Teddy bear to Cousin Itt from the Addams family and everything in between.

GCC's Bohemian clutch bag is a design which combines different fabrics sewn together and decorated with sequence glitter ribbon to ensure an absolutely fabulous finish.

The cosmetic palette recess inside the cosmetic clutch bag may take 8 different colour eyeshadow colours as well as a duo-end applicator. The interior of clutch bag is made of EVA foam and can be custom made in any layout according to a company's need.