GCC's concealer packaging design for make-up brands

It was an ancient story in 1928, created by a woman who had awareness of both chemistry and painting that she came up with an idea to develop a make-up foundation to camouflage her blemish on face. After that, people grabbed the core thought of it then created a thicker formula with higher coverage, which called concealer nowadays.

Over time, concealer has been crafted into a must-have makeup for girls looking for perfect skin tones. Thanks to concealer, the imperfection of the darkness under eyes, redness, fine lines are all being covered well. Looking back, concealer is being transformed into different textures, fluid, solid sticks, even new BBCC cream as concealers nowadays. This week, we are bringing our viewers some fluid textures packed in tubes. With advanced cushion applicators and innovative sponge, even easy stroke of a brush, these tubes will flawlessly carry fluid formulation for cover up make up.

Tubes, in a sense, are very flexible in sizing. Length of tubes is easily changeable based on different capacity requests. GCTAT001 is built up with neck 19mm diameter, available in high density or low density of PE material. Puffy applicator is gentile for the skin. GCTAT002 is the family product of GCTAT001, built based on the same diameter, the high quality NBR sponge is high recommended for foundation concealer like formulation. GCTPT004 is a flocked applicator based on the hot cushion idea. GCGPT006 is made of surlyn which is squeezable due to the soft feature of the surlyn material. The brush is convenient to stroke through.