GCC's dazzling decoration for cosmetic packaging

Beauty and cosmetic products have a long history involving revolutionary changes and upgrades. One of the major requirements for marketing packaging is to have astonishing containers that come with countless solutions. And one of the best tricks of the trade is to make it as shiny and dazzling as possible. Dazzling decoration can be achieved in many ways. GCC, a pioneer of beauty and cosmetic packaging design and one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic containers that supplies worldwide, introduces its many dazzling solutions.

Transparent plastic components can be easily adorned and GCC has achieved a number of dazzling finishes for different effects. GCC introduces these dazzling decoration solution for cosmetic packaging to companies who are looking to shine out from the packaging crowd.


GCC achieves the ice effect by combining different levels of matt finish effects on top of the thick plastic, mimicking the misty ice-melting clarity. It turns the clear plastic pieces into crystal cubes.


It is needless to say that top decoration jewels in a custom branded design is the packaging solution of ultimate luxury. Jewellery top decoration can be applied on the plane surface of any container. It adds the value to the product and changes the entire packaging giving a brand new look.

Metal work

Metal work can be done with further dazzling hue in GCC's design repertoire too! A regular shining aluminium cap with the additional touch of a crumpled effect is a small change, yet makes an immense visual impact.