GCC's digital printing application for cosmetic packaging

Beauty and cosmetic trends spin like the wheels of a fast car. Yesterday's fashion may be today's old rag. To keep up with the hastening speeds of marketing and developments, packaging innovations are racing even faster than ever before.

Almost everything is being digitalized. From reading to writing, recording and photographing, even daily chores can be set and synced with varieties of digital equipment. While this has all been happening, Grace Cosmetic Co., has moved ahead in order to provide digital printing for decorating beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Based in Taiwan and China, it's needless to say that GCC's strengths are its exemplary tooling capabilities, industry knowledge and well organized team that provides superior customer service throughout the entire working relationship. GCC strives to discover the latest techniques and ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the results.

Grace Cosmetics Co.'s recent presentation of digital printing decoration has inspired many cosmetic companies who found it both productive and creative - particularly to start-up private label business who consider digital printing a perfect way for small quantity marketing trial. Digital printing decoration offers an unlimited visual impact whereby no traditional printing plate is required. It can be as complex and colourful as any scenario that can be done, but without the immense production quantity commitment of other applications.