GCC's eyebrow fashion show

"The eyes are the window to your soul." - William Shakespeare was a master playwright and a master observer of humankind. The words from his play, King Richard III, have been quoted time and time again. Yet, the eyebrow plays just as important a role as the jewel in the crown for facial expression and communication, framing the eyes and protecting them. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but without the eyebrow, the 'window' very often appears to be just half open.

As a professional cosmetic packaging provider, Grace Cosmetics Co. presents a complete solution of make up tools for the eyebrow. From tweezers to eyebrow markers, GCC understands the finite requirements of the tools needed to make up proper eyebrow looks whether strong power brows, defined but natural lines, or sleek arches.

GCC's eyebrow fashion show contains a full complement of plastic make up packaging for the eyebrow. Some products are available in a choice of material.

Material: Dimensions: Volume
Godet/Cup Size:
GCJE214 Eyebrow Marker PP Φ9.0 x 124.9 1.0ml Φ5.5 x 60.0
GCVE023 Eyebrow Fix Gel Cap: PP
Barrel: PETG
Cap: 25.5 x 10.2
Barrel: 25 x 11
1.6ml N/A
GCMS022 Eyebrow Powder AS & ABS L34 x W68 x H19mm 2.25ml/Well (total)
2 Wells, 4.5ml
Well: 22.3 x 27 x 4mm
Drawer: 23.4 x 52 x 6mm
GCES004-8(CP) Eyebrow Powder AS 60.5 x 60.5 x 15 5.4g 20.6 x 20.6
43 x 20.6
GCJBJE007 Eyebrow Pencil ABS 142.8 x 9.8 0.3g N/A
GCJBJE013 Eyebrow Pencil ABS L: 164mm
Cap dia: 8mm
0.3g N/A
GCJBJE010 Eyebrow Pencil ABS 157 x 9.8mm 0.3g N/A
GCUE006 Eyebrow Pencil ABS 143 x 10
Cap: 48 & 35
0.3g N/A
GCES031 Eyebrow Wax AS & ABS 82.1 x 50.2 x 13.7 2 x 3g Dia: 36.5
GCES247 Eyebrow Powder AS & ABS 138 x 46.8 x 13.8 3g 130.9 x 43 x 6.3
N/A Tweezers Stainless Steel 5cm / 4cm N/A N/A
N/A Eyebrow Mascara N/A N/A N/A N/A

Serving cosmetic brands worldwide, GCC has a multitude of experience in tailoring offerings in order to fit the specific needs of individual clients to achieve a specific look or serviceability.

Based in Asia with its headquarters in Taiwan, GCC runs its business network through a local support network that deals with global enquiries of various needs across the beauty and cosmetic industry. The company's design and marketing teams are known for achieving project specific results. The latest eyebrow fashion show is one of the successful projects completed for a professional make up brand.