GCC’s Laminate Tubes

Laminated barrier tube is made of an aluminum barrier coated on both sides with multi-layer PE design to protect the content against oxygen, moisture, and light. These tubes guarantee the high protection of your product and increase product shelf life. Prevent Sensitive formulas from chemical reactions. Made of aluminum and PE, GCC’s laminate tubes are equally compatible with acid or alkaline products.

The tubes are available in a diameter of 19mm-50mm; the shape can be round, oval or super oval. The poly-foil laminate tubes can accept many decorating techniques, eliminates creasing and provides the ability to offer flex printing, rotary or process printing, in addition to traditional printing methods. It’s gone from basic, one- or two-pass color in tubes to multi-color designs.

Laminate Tube key features:

l   Color: customized

l   Shape: round, oval, super oval

l   Diameters: available from Φ19-Φ50

l   Decoration: 1-6 colors offset printing/silkscreen printing, hot stamping, flex printing, labeling

l   Finishing: Matte, vanish gloss