GCC's New Dual Vial for Cosmetic Product is One Packaging of Efficiency

Color cosmetic packaging today have countless variations according to wide spread consumer demands, whether smaller sizes, on-the-go travel uses, or multi-functional design to pack more than one product in a single package, they all have to serve the purpose and make sure to deliver the best user experience.

For years, GCC Packaging focuses on perfecting multi-functional packaging design and creates components to include at least 2 products in one package. The design has to ensure product quality, hygiene, and functionality. More revolutionary dispensing methods are available due to consumers are being more adventurous in exploring new findings.

The latest releasing by GCC - Dual Cylindrical Vial, carries a combination of two, it holds either lip gloss pairs with liquid lip liner, liquid eye brow gel with mascara, or liquid eyeliner with mascara. The combination goes on as product development goes. Made of PP and PETG, the component holds delicate products with excellent compatibility and is compatible with quick-dry, smudge-free formulation that contains volatile ingredients. Each individual compartment has 1 – 3ml capacity of filling level.