GCC's ornamental cosmetic components in tortoise shell style

For centuries, tortoise shell has been in high demand making the Hawksbill sea turtle an endangered species because of the exploitation of the material. Inlaid tortoise shell veneers can be seen on furniture, frames and small items such as combs, jewellery boxes, ornaments and many other items.

The worldwide trade of tortoise shell was banned under CITES in 1973. Fortunately, mankind is able to replicate the style of tortoise shell in synthetic materials and plastic so that we can still enjoy the beauty of tortoise shell without endangering the sea creature.

The mottled tortoise shell pattern has always been considered unique, luxurious and pretty. Grace Cosmetics Co., presents its latest cosmetic collection in tortoise shell style to satisfy the thirst of those that crave the natural chic of tortoise shell.

Based in Taiwan & China, GCC has the most up-to-date product and style innovations as well as professional technology to serve beauty and cosmetic companies. The recent release of the tortoise shell collection proves to be a strategic move to show how the company's utility and artistic sides synchronize perfectly together resulting in a beautiful and practical product.

Made of a combination of AS and ABS plastic and over-sprayed with tortoise shell decoration, it achieves the style seemingly effortlessly yet professional skill is absolutely required.

Click through the attached image gallery to see a selection of GCC's cosmetic packaging components with tortoise shell decoration.