GCC's Successful Packaging Presentation at Cosmoprof Asia 2017

Cosmoprof Asia 2017 was a successful show for GCC Packaging as visitors from all over the world benefited from a first-hand packaging consultancy with GCC’s team. With months of preparation, GCC Packaging made a great packaging presentation.

Tropical Vividness
The entire cosmetic packaging collection decorated with water transfer printing to create strong visual impact and color contract.

Galaxian Enlightened
The glittering packaging components are installed with LED lights for a better user experience in low lighting and darkness.

Ultra slim packaging in matte sliver spray finishing

GCC supports the development and use of packaging which results in improving sustainability, and opts glass bottle with roll-on applicator, dispensing pump and dropper made of PET, for specific market requirements.

Leather Engraving
GCC’s newest concept of leather engraving was launched at the 2017 HK show.

Multifunctional solutions
Double ended pens for multi-functions.

High Definition Packaging
Magnetic palettes, compacts and lipsticks.

Paper Art
Top-plate palette with paper art design.

Airtight Lipstick Packaging
Airtight lipstick with sleek, flat cap fits best for cosmopolitan and fashion items. Its slanted cap with a mirror adds a smart designer’s touch. Made of AS+ABS, the airtight lipstick can be decorated with metallization, matte spray, coating, pearlescent effect, heat transfer, and water transfer printing. Its inner cup is 10.8mm for lipstick bullet.