GCC's Tottle - An ideal solution for fluids

It's light yet sturdy, and it looks elegant. Grace Cosmetics Co. introduces its Tottle collection - an ideal solution for various fluid products.

The Tottle benefits a squeezable, flexible wall compartment of certain flexibility as well as an up-side-down dispenser to administer the product, providing a quick & easy user experience.

Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the Tottle is resistant to harsh chemicals and is a perfect packaging solution for special products such as sunscreen lotions with high SPF resistance, liquid foundations with delicate ingredients, shampoos, shower gels and more…

The Tottle also has a lesser impact on the environment as it uses less plastic material than other rigid containers.

Multiple decorating options are available for the Tottle which include colour, silk screening, hot stamping, metallization, over coating and pearlescent spraying without a trace of flow marks. With so many decoration options available, GCC includes a colour matching service to make sure that every project follows the customer's marketing plan. The final decoration is as artistic, vivid and luxurious as demanded owing to the proficiency of GCC's strong design team.

Product Reference Volume/Capacity
GCJKDF 004 30ml
GCJKDF 005 30ml
GCJKDF 006 30ml
GCJKDF 007 40ml
GCAF 131 30ml
GCAF 132 50ml
GCAF 133 30ml

Based in Taiwan, GCC has always been a cosmetic solution provider and an expert packaging supplier that has served many of the world's renowned brands.