GCC transforms aluminium packaging with double anodizing

Double anodizing is a multiple anodizing process in which the text and graphics colors as well as the background colors are dyed and sealed into the aluminum. The beauty of double anodizing is that super strong oxide layers grow on the surface of the metal. It feels cold to the touch offering a look that is reflective and luxurious.

When the metal interacts with light, it gives limitless possibilities of color combinations and Grace Cosmetics has taken advantage of this to present a number products which benefit from this decoration technique.

At the Cosmoprof 2016 exhibition in Bologna, GCC will release several double anodized patterns to highlight how well the company can apply this decoration technique to its cosmetic products. One of the unique design patterns is the Egyptian series for the foundation stick and twist click pens.

GCC pkg will be exhibiting in Hall 29A at Booth B6 in Bologna in the coming weeks. For more information about the double anodizing technique and any other decoration innovations, please consult with GCC pkg's sales team.