Grace Cosmetics captures the Aurora Borealis

Grace Cosmetics has recreated the stunning beauty of the Aurora Borealis in its latest decoration offering for make-up collections capturing the depth and colour of the magnificent northern lights on compacts as well as lip glosses and lipsticks.

"Amid the majesty of night,
What splendid vision strikes my eyes,
In glory bursting on the sight,
Forth from the northern skies?

Magnificent, yet mild, it seems;
Not dazzling as the orb of the day,
More like the soft moon’s silvery beams,
Its calm, ethereal ray......"

- Quote from the poems of Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch

Never one to shy away from a creative challenge, Taiwanese company GCC has transformed the look of some of its plastic cosmetic pieces with the breathtaking Aurora to present a decorative vibrant make-up line.

On its cosmetic compacts, the look has been given a 3D effect through the addition of a dome-top plaque which covers the outstanding colour print beneath, whilst the company's lipsticks, lip glosses and mascaras benefit a sleek look finish with the marrying of colours.