Grace Cosmetics makes a container's colour glow from inside out

GCC has always been a packaging expert providing excellent choices for beauty and cosmetic companies since Grace Cosmetics first began. GCC's latest packaging decoration option for cosmetic compacts is a revolutionary move to change the longstanding tradition of colour cosmetic packaging technology and spray colour from inside out!

Grace Cosmetics has selected a number of thick wall compacts from its many different lies of compacts and added colour spray inside the recess well of the container base, revealing the spray colour from the interior of the clear compact base.

Thick plastics of PMMA or AS work particularly well with the over spray colour by projecting light through the high transparency component, and its crystal-like quality adds a further brightness and brilliance to the colour glow.

In addition to the thick wall compacts, GCC can also offer this inner colour spray technique to many other special design compacts as well whereby a non-flat surface space is available on the lid for branding and delivery of marketing messages.

GCC's inner recess colour spray can be applied to various plastic components including eye shadow compacts, colour make-up palettes and as well as beauty products, the process can also be applied to cosmetic jars an with inner PP cup.