Grace Cosmetics releases a high definition brow pencil

The cosmetic pen has always been a core make-up tool amongst myriad color cosmetic products for enhancing the facial features. It provides not only precise application for the eyes, eyebrows and lips, but the cosmetic pen offers also an elegant style and helpful tool for professional make-up artists.

With decades of cosmetic product development experience, GCC has developed numerous project-focused designs for many professional make-up artists with successful packaging solutions.

GCC's skilful team has recently accomplished a new make-up project introducing the Super Slim Cosmetic Pen to the market, an alternative packaging solution for the most common product.

The High Definition Brow Pencil is a duo-end tool providing 2-way application, one end of a slim barrel available for filling lip liner, eye liner, eyebrow colors to create precise make-up effect, the other end of a tool that can be different brush styles to fit in a certain product claim.

Since the High Definition Brow Pencil's launch, GCC has received considerable positive feedback from cosmetic companies worldwide. Furthermore, the benefits companies can get from working with GCC are unlimited. GCC makes sure all packaging needs are satisfied with advanced technology and according to the latest fashion and trends.

Specifications for Grace Cosmetics' High Definition Brow Pencil

  • Product reference: GCUE019, GCUE019-J1, GCUE019-J2
  • Materials: AS, ABS