Leakage-free cushion tube packaging

Packaging tubes are versatile for their wide range of style, function, size, and capacity. GCC has extended its tube packaging collection with the introduction of a leakage-free cushion tube for make-up products.

The key feature of cushion tube is its on-and-off closure on the neck of tube that ensures the product is kept well-secured and sealed without fail. The tube can be made in either LDPE, MDPE or HDPE of mono-layer or multi layers, depending on actual product usage and purpose.  

Having gone through several compatibility tests with various formulations, the cushion tube can be used for make-up corrector, lip gloss, and many different cream foundation types.

The new cushion tube range includes:

  • GCTAT006: Dia. Φ16 mm
  • GCTAT001: Dia. Φ19 mm
  • GCTAT007: Dia. Φ30 mm

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