Magic markers, a new cosmetic packaging choice

Chic and fun, felt tip markers are new representatives for make-up lines.

The nibs, smart applications for eyeliners and lips, credited benefits of fantastic long-lasting-twenty-four-hour weightless colors. For convenience and for practicability, dual function markers are new beauty plus components at GCC packaging house.

GCJE421 is available with three different combinations.

With one end brush applicator made of PA is perfect for brows or lashes.

The other end could either be a brush, made out of PBT, or a nib, made out of Polyester. PBT brush is easy to glide on, softer and gentle to create a tender brow look. Instead, Polyester nib will create thicker and more precision brows. Within this family, there is another option to make it a lipgloss plus a felt tip lip liner or lip stain.

GCJE421(tip-brow-brush) GCJE421(PBT-brush+brow-brush)

For lips, the dual marker comes into a slightly slanted nib which is more easily to tint you lip, allowing you to outline the contour then fill the lips with the desired color intensity. On the other side it’s equipped with a vial in capacity 5.6 ml with an applicator for lip gloss or lip stain, getting two benefits in one packaging.


GCJE422 is designed as a hair tint application, using the brush or the nib end to apply hair colors then tape if off with the sponge on the other.