Makeup Compact with Square Frame

GCC Packaging introduces square window makeup compact collection that conveys a visual sense of sleek and cosmopolitan. There are different godet shapes and layout designs available for either multiple colored set, eye shadow, blush, highlighter, or corrector.

  • GCJRCS067-6 (Eye Shadow)
    • Size: 78*78mm; Inner: 31*20mm
    • Material: Lid & Base: ABS / Window: PS
  • GCJRCS067-9 (Eye Shadow)
    • Size: 78*78mm; Inner: 19.5mm
    • Material: Lid & Base: ABS / Window: PS
  • GCMS196 (Blush, Highlighter, Corrector)
    • Size: 65*65*12.85mm
    • Material: Lid & Base: AS+ABS / Window: AS

For more than a century, the concept of cosmetic compact packaging stays fairly basic yet serves well the purpose of being a convenient, portable make-up tool. With advanced industrialized production technology, and updated materials available today, cosmetic compact has become a modern icon for beauty industry to present a company’s identity.

The First Cosmetic Compact

Tracing back to 1899, the first hand held mirror invented and patented by Ernest Oldenbusch. After that, the combination of a portable mirror and a circular flap on its back was created to contain a small compartment to hold loose powder and make-up puff, which could be used by lifting without being noticed. This was a start of packaging solution for women in a rigorous era while women were not allowed to put on makeup in public. By about 1916, getting the inspiration from the hand held mirror with powder, the first compressed powder compact was invented and started a consumption market that grown rapidly. Click and view complete story