Mess-Free Foundation Stick

Lively and glow, a good foundation is the base of the beauty routine.

Stick, a new form of beauty basic ramps around the beauty world, makes you look well. Different from current products, the extraordinary design of GCC’s new launches foundation sticks with a spring inside the container bouncing up the formula, simplifies the makeup procedure and gives you dreamy-looking skin instantly.

New sticks come in with a little round cylinder casing – the lid on top has a mirror, the bottom part of the case holds the blush powder, spring in the bottom of the container pull out the formula. By simply twisting open and tapping with the sponge, the mess-free stick makes application easy and hands on.

GCUF030—- Φ24

Easy unscrew with one hand, the perfect 20mm in size of the sponge is ideal for foundations, contouring, highlighters and more. Available in 3.5ml, it is designed to carry in a purse or backpack. Make the pack chic, light and minimal.

  • Size: H80 Φ24
  • Cap: H49.5
  • Barrel: H30.4
  • Sponge: Φ20
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Material: cap/end cap/screw/barrel ABS, sponge NBR, spring SUS304

GCUF039—- Φ42

Benefit convenient and time-saving, the 3-in-1 packaging combined brush, mirror on the top of lid and formula altogether. The ingenious on the go packaging with 33mm maximum width can effortlessly build and blend that highly pigmented lightweight formula, especially suitable for solid foundation or blush.

  • Size: H77.3 Φ42
  • Cap: H20
  • Sponge: Φ37.5
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Material: mirror GLASS, fixer/end cap/cap/screw/barrel ABS, spring SU304, cap AL, sponge applicator NBR