Mini Lipsticks

One can never have too much of a good thing. The simple and stylish glacial aluminum mini lipsticks are always a classic design. Imagine dressing up in the date night, the lipsticks are so tiny that you can slip them easily into your clutch, allow you to wear the visibly fuller, sexier lips in every second.

Prestige brands often put minis as an important role, either they launch mini-trials in a signature makeup pouch or exclusive makeup starters for VIPs. To name a few, Burberry Beauty Box, Mini Burberry Kiss Lipsticks, Tom Ford Golden Rose Eye and Lip Set and Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms etc.

Capturing the craze for miniature packaging, GCC Packaging is honored to introduce two charming mini lipsticks.

Unique Sharp Square Mini Lipstick

GCMPL051 comes in a classic 50/50 proportion in an airport-friendly petite-sized are perfect for travel or try every best-seller. Developed without a ring feature, the square-shaped smoothly aluminum body makes them rare and luxury. The Slightly elegant design honored Master architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe(1886~1969), who proposed revolutionary quotations “Less is More.”

  •  Size: H55 Φ15.3
  •  Cap: H27.5
  •  Base: H27.5
  •  Cup: Φ9
  •  A-shell/ base AL, cap/cup POM, inner cap PE, spiral PS, inner body ABS, inner base PP

Lovable Rotate Round Mini Lipstick

GCMPL050 is a cylindrical 4:1 design, the rotating round mini lipstick with comparatively long A-shell is always delicate to use. The logo printing is adapted for screen print and double anodizing. Shell and cap are made of AL, inner body ABS, cup POM.

  •  Size: H50 Φ17.7
  •  Cap: H40.3
  •  Base: H10
  •  Cup Φ13
  •  cap /shell /base AL, inner cap PP, spiral PS, cup POM, inner body ABS