New Dual Twist Pen

Fast trend is shaping the beauty industry that packaging nowadays is mostly about combining speed with innovation. On-the-go products are flooding to the cosmetic market which has benefited multiple-role in their buzzy life. Coping with this fast-paced beauty world, GCC PKG stays at the forefront of competitive market and has recently debuted a double-ended twist pen GCNPE057 with an airtight element to protect your precious formula.

This dual twist pen with inner cups in 3 & 7.1mm is suitable for a lipsetter which enables to contain a lip liner and lipstick in one case, delivering a good definition to enhance the shape of a perfect pout. Possibly this could be an eye product like liner and eyeshadow.

Item: GCNPE057

  • Dimension: 12.9*140.1mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Feature: Airtight