New generation of Slim Card Compacts from GCC

The new generation of Slim Card Compacts from Grace Cosmetics Co. are the top cosmetic accessory for those who are always on trend with the next up-and-coming fashion or privileged solution. Based on market demand, GCC has developed various recess differentiation formats that adopt to different concepts and applications to present the new lines of Slim Card Compacts for cosmetics.

The Slim Card Compact is exceptionally light and slim so it fits in any pocket or petite make-up bag easily. Consumers benefit in the comfort of the compact's existence and premier cosmetic options without being bogged down or bulked out by unnecessary extra size and weight.

GCC assembles the top choices of make up products and organizes several recess options available for companies to use making the new generation of Slim Card Compacts suitable for face, cheek, lip and eye colour cosmetics.

The face powder slim kit: GCCS072
1 large well for face powder cake, plus 1 recess for sponge puff

The cheek, lips & eyes colour slim kit: GCAS108
6 mini square wells, 1 large well for cheek colour(s), plus 1 applicator recess

The 4 colour kit: GCCS071
4 triangular wells in a fan configuration, plus 1 applicator recess

The 5 colour kit: GCAS017
5 rectangular wells, plus 1 applicator recess

The 6 colour kit: GCES028

6 rectangular wells

The optimized 10 colour kit: GCAS109
10 mini recesses, plus 1 applicator recess

Headquartered in Taiwan, GCC is a professional colour cosmetic product supplier that has served many well known companies worldwide.