New sponge applicator for cushion packaging

The notion behind cushion packaging for make-up products is to ensure every user has best experience and keeps coming back for more. By introducing a new, soft, and ultra-fine sponge applicator to improve current cushion packaging design, GCC Packaging pushes user experience to a different level.

The novel sponge applicator is made of NBR with a small hole in the middle to dispense cream and gloss formulation. It is suitable for eyeshadow cream, concealer, liquid blush or gloss. Users only need to simply padding the applicator gently to have a perfect application.

This new sponge matches with packaging tube and cosmetic pen components. 16mm tube comes along with spherical sponge applicator for lip products, 19mm tube tied with the pointed sponge for face products. As for twist or click pens, there are two different styles of sponge available.

Here are the GCC Cosmetic Pen options fit with new sponge applicator.

  • Twist make-up pen: GCJL004
  • Twist make-up pen: GCJL006
  • Twist make-up pen: GCJL007
  • Click make-up pen: GCJL011
  • Click make-up pen: GCJL097AL

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