Novel Cushion Packaging Design

Cosmetic developers aim to push packaging to the limit which carries and sparks with more fancy ideas. Plushy element embraces comforts and warmness in the packaging sectors. Bustling women are in love with the intimate design which comes with a soft applicator in one packaging.

GCC PKG introduces two novel packaging with empathetic design.

Cushion powder stick- GCUF030

Breaking away the form of classic pressed powder, GCUF030 enables you to fill your creamy powder in the cap of stick. Either for blush or contouring, just a simply touch-up then you can get your natural look finished easily and quickly. The integrated sponge applicator within the stick makes it a perfect on-the-go product. More Cosmetic Pen Packaging

Packaging Spec GCUF030

  • Material:
    • Cap / barrel: ABS
    • Sponge: NBR
  • Size: 24*80mm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml

Rotated liquid foundation- GCUF031

Instead of blending your foundation by additional beauty tool, the stick fitted with a puff applicator is your good travel companion. Much smaller than our existing GCXF005, it’s better to be storing shimmer and contouring for the partial section of your face. To get the formula out, twisting the bottom of the stick and the dosage is controlled precisely for 0.025ml each twist. More Packaging Options

Packaging Spec GCUF031

  • Material:
    • Cap / barrel: PP
    • Sponge: NBR or SBR
  • Size: 23.7*115mm
  • Capacity: 10ml