One-of-a-kind pieces: GCC redefines individuality through Gel Top decoration

Ever since the Ford Motor Co. started up its mass manufacturing production line in the early 20th century, public demand for uniform merchandise with standardized qualifications produced on an enormous scale has gradually transformed to a need to be unique.

Fashion has arrived to a point where "being different" is a core element of 21st century - a cultural evolution taken a step beyond the average standard.

As a cosmetic packaging provider that is always on trend with the latest fashion trajectories, Grace Cosmetics Co.'s recent innovation of Gel Top decorated cosmetic packaging embraces the 21st century spirit of differentiating individuals by offering singular one-of-a kind embellishment.

Grace Cosmetics Co. is well known for its innovative cosmetic packaging throughout the beauty and cosmetic industry. Its release of the Gel Top decorated cosmetic packaging shows companies an alternative decorating option as GCC redifines individuality with no two identical products.

The difference is not just a visual one, it's also one that the hands can feel. When consumers pick up any of these Gel Top decorated packaging pieces, they immediately note the difference in the quality of packaging.

GCC presents several colourful cosmetic packaging products with tinted Gel Top decoration in mixed shades. Each decoration is distinctive from others making each item of packaging a one-of-a-kind piece.