Packaging Stick Is A Better Choice for Make-up Travel Kit

For cosmetic users who are always traveling and had encountered troublesome issue with liquids, packaging Stick might be a better optio for their travel kits.

No sharpening, leaking and 100% mess-free, a batch of makeup products have begun to hit shelves in solid form. Those TSA-friendly beauty saviors cover a diversity of product categories from foundation, illuminator, blush to lipstick for a full face of makeup. Just a few simple wipes on, the solid beauty product guarantees to shortcut your makeup routine. This week GCC PKG has collected some of her hot stick items for your quick review.

Purse-size stick- GCQPL015

  • Size: Ø21.25*51.95mm
  • Material: PP
  • Suggestion: concealer, lipstick

Duo stick with sponge in medium size- GCFL015

  • Size: Ø19.9*89.5mm
  • Inner cup: Ø12.1/Ø12.7mm
  • Material:
    >cap: AS
    >barrel: ABS
  • Suggestion: color corrector, highlighter, contouring

Airtight Dual Stick- GCMF169

  • Size: Ø26*106mm
  • Material:
  • >cap: PP
    >barrel: ABS
  • Suggestion: foundation & blush, highlighter & contouring