Portable Powder Brush Packaging Solution

Make-up powder brush is an indispensable tool to cover greasiness on skin as the last step to finalize a perfect look. Traditional powder jar containers are ideal for the lightweight powder particles, but lack of mobility for today’s modern users who are always on the go or traveling and require easy and swift packaging solution.

The more convenient and portable packaging design combines brush and powder container altogether to improve powdering application. GCC Packaging presents 3 different brush styles either in twist, click, or shake powder application function available, each can be made of prestige natural or synthetic bristle according to product requirements.

Twist and Brush:

The widths of both GCQPF024&GCQPF024-1 are Φ27mm with 113mm lengths, capacity for 4g. The difference is that GCQPF024 is a 2 color filled container, it’s easy to set up the desired color you want and even a mix color by a simple twist.

Click and Brush:

GCQPF025 & GCQPF025-1 are built up with 24 diameter and 167mm lengths, capacity also is 4g. Comparing with GCQPF025, GCQPF025-1 has one extra function with a device designed between the cap and barrel to control the dosage for each use.

Shake and Brush:

This is the ultimate design to provide the easiest application for make-up users. GCQPF025-2&GCQPF025-3 are built based on 24 diameters with 142mm length. GCMJ143 is shorter in 110mm lengths with Φ28 mm in width, capacity 14.8ml.