Refillable Packaging for Make-up Solutions

Eco-friendly features in beauty products are desired among consumers. Gen Z is increasingly voicing their desires for a healthy planet, refillable and sustainable packaging.

Refillable packaging, namely, a strong character in reusing the same package is remarkably green and environmental free. It also allows consumers to customize their shades for the day, evening or week. This week, GCC is introducing two refillable packages, GCMS180, a refillable compact and GCJL556, a refillable lipstick.

2 Layers Compact with Customize Magnet Inner–GCMS180

The trend for multifunctional packages holds true for dual containers as well as extensive palettes. Inserts that held one color of one product are now being used for a second product.

GCMS180 has leaped to widespread adoption in a relatively short time thanks to unbeatable convenience and portability. Open the lid and a mirror in the top, the magnet is set in the bottom of compact, for users to customize their shades easily, even to assemble eye and brow products in a dual container.

l   Item: GCMS180

l   Size: L96 W67 H19

l   Inner:

n   upper layer-L82.5 W32.7 H4.3+ L65.2 W20.7 H4.3

n   lower layer-L86.8 W52 H4.2

l   Material: AS+ABS, mirror Glass


Refillable Dual Lipstick– GCJL556

Versatility, individualization and refillable were keys as we continue to innovate within the lip category.

GCC PKG’s new release Refillable Dual Lipstick GCJL556 features a reusable case that can be refilled with your favorite lip pigment, with a single snap the lip pigment refill into or out of the base. The product helps minimize packaging waste by encouraging reuse. This customizable package allows the consumer to choose their look for the day or evening with ease, while on the go.

l   Item: GCJL556

l   Size: H97 Φ20

l   Cap: H28*2 Φ20

l   Cup: Φ12

l   Material: AS+ABS